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Why it’s important that you have a treatment coordinator to look after you during your dental treatment.

Gentle Dental Consultation TreatmentAt Gentle Dental Care, we believe in giving our patients the best service possible and that’s why for complex treatment, you will have a dedicated treatment coordinator (TCO’s) to look after you for every step of the journey.

A treatment coordinator is a very experienced team member that will liaise with the dentist and yourself to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

What are some of the advantages?

Often there are many questions you may have when you are considering dental treatment. Your dedicated TCO will give you all the time you need to answer all questions. They are incredibly experienced so will be able to answer the majority of questions you may have and if there is anything they cannot answer they will liaise with the dentist.

Sometimes, you think of a question or query during the day and you want to call someone who you have a good relationship with and someone who knows everything about your treatment – this will be the TCO. They will be your first point of contact for any query whether it be to address any concerns, help to arrange 0% finance or discussing anything else.

It’s really all about giving you award winning service. Most practices will not have this system in place, however we believe it’s a vital aspect of your treatment and that’s why we invest in our team so you are looked after by true professionals.

In addition, if you are a nervous patient, sometimes it’s good to be able to come in and meet the team before you commit to an examination. This will allow you to see us in a comfortable environment, somewhere in a lounge away from the dental chair. Many patients have told us when they first come in, it’s so nice to be away from the dental chair as they can think freely and take their mind away. Doing the first consultation in our TCO’s room is ideal for these types of patients.

Our TCO’s also offer free consultations so that you can meet us and ask questions before you commit to seeing the dentist. Afterall, you need to be 100% sure we are the right people to take care of your needs as dentistry is such a personal thing. We are confident that once you meet us, you will instantly be put at ease with our kind, caring and gentle manner.

If you are interested in any treatment and would like a free consultation with one of our treatment coordinators then please call us now on….. And we would be delighted to book you in.

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