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CEREC crowns are a same-day solution for your tooth restoration, allowing you to walk into the practice with your existing teeth and walk out with a brand-new crown. They are the same high quality as our usual crowns, but they’ll be ready within a couple of hours as opposed to a couple of weeks. This is the perfect solution for busy patients as you won’t have to wait around for your crowns to be made. Everything can be finished for you in just one appointment.

How are CEREC crowns placed?

We will begin by carrying out an examination to check that crowns are the right option for you. Once we have reached a conclusion, we will be able to prepare the tooth, take a scan, make the crown and fit it – all within the space of a couple of hours. Using traditional techniques and ordering the crowns from a laboratory will usually take two weeks.

We use CAD-CAM technology to make sure we achieve the perfect fit with your new crowns. This ensures they fit perfectly with your bite and look as natural as possible. During the process the teeth may need to be numbed and contoured in order to fit the crowns. If you have any concerns or are a nervous patient we will work to reassure you and make the experience pain free. Gentle dentistry is our specialism.

Why might you choose same-day crowns?

These are some of the instances in which CEREC same-day crowns might work for you:

You’ve chipped a tooth
If you have a newly chipped or damaged tooth and you don’t want to wait, same-day crowns mean your teeth can be restored quickly. A crown will look better than multiple fillings and it will be stronger as well, lasting for longer. CEREC crowns are made from high-end porcelain that is stain resistant, keeping your teeth looking shiny and beautiful.
You’re a nervous patient
Same-day crowns are perfect for nervous patients. You won’t have to come in for multiple appointments as you can have your treatment completed in one day. There’s no waiting around while your crowns are made in the lab, which many of our nervous patients dislike. We make your crowns here for you based on high-tech scans to ensure they’re perfect.
You want to improve the appearance of your teeth, quickly
Crowns can be used to address many cosmetic concerns, including tooth alignment, colour, shape, size and more. If you want to address these as quickly as possible, then same-day crowns are the fastest way of doing so. We can place as many crowns as you need to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.
We also offer standard crowns, so if you want to replace fillings, have a crown fitted after a root canal, or want to improve the appearance of your teeth in general, we can help.

Please get in touch so we can book in your consultation. Start your journey towards a beautifully restored smile with Gentle Dental Care.

Hear from our Customers

Why choose Gentle Dental Care for CEREC same-day crowns?

  • A high degree of accuracy. Our dentists are cosmetic dental experts
  • Predictable results. We use scanning technology, so you know what to expect
  • Better technology. We use scans rather than impressions, so no gagging!
  • Quick turnaround. Your crowns can be made within a couple of hours
  • High quality. We use the highest quality ceramic, matched to your teeth

Considering other options?

Same-day crowns are an excellent option, but we offer many other services that could also work for you. Veneers are another method of improving the appearance of your teeth, and if you are happy with the alignment but not the colour, teeth whitening might be the best option instead. For missing teeth, we offer options such as dentures, bridges and implants.

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care to discuss same-day crowns further. We can help you improve your smile and feel confident in your appearance, with cosmetic dentistry to suit everyone. Book in for a consultation and let’s see how we can be of assistance.

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