Avinash Sachdev

Teeth Whitening Solutions: Will Everything Work?

Tooth whitening is one of the best ways to improve your smile without drastic changes. A growing number of individuals wish to achieve whiter teeth, which resulted in countless products and procedures dedicated to this cause.

Beauty salons and high streets jump aboard the bandwagon, offering quick solutions at half the price of professional teeth cleaning by dentists.

Not all do-it-yourself or quick fixes are harmful, but some can be costly physically and financially. It is crucial for the public to know more about limitations, potential risks and the necessity of a dentist.

In-Chair Whitening

Some beauty salons extend their services by offering in-office whitening and at-home dental kits. How does this pose a risk? Unregulated whitening products might contain excessive hydrogen peroxide. If the level is too high, it can damage the nerves in your teeth and gums.

Only dentists can legally carry out teeth whitening or recommend trusted products. Untrained individuals may put your oral health at risk.

Whitening Strips and Pens

Part of popular teeth whitening trends, these strips and pens offer simple yet effective ways to deal with stains caused by coffee, cigarettes and wine. But if you are seeking for a long-term solution, these are not your best options. These over-the-counter products contain only a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide, which guarantees only minimal effects.

Whitening strips and pens are ideal for the occasional quick fix, but not for significant improvements. Excessive use of these products may also trigger tooth sensitivity.

Over-the-Counter UV Kits

Supermarkets have endless rows of whitening kits guaranteeing whiter smiles in just minutes. These, however, can be a waste of money since the kits contain only minimal amounts of hydrogen peroxide (others have none at all). Others contain excessive an amount of the ingredients, which can harm your gums and teeth.

Tooth whitening is a delicate procedure that requires an expert’s hand. While these products can work somehow, the results aren’t as good as with a dentist.

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