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Beautiful teeth
in just one day

We can create the most beautiful, bespoke smile for you with our same-day teeth service. Not something that most dentists can offer, you can walk in with teeth that are loose, painful or damaged, and leave the very same day with a smile that you love. We can also replace missing teeth as part of this service, ensuring we create the perfect look for you and give you back the freedom to smile, talk and eat without worry.

What is offered as part of this service?

If you would like to transform your smile in just one day, there are two main services we would recommend:

This is one of the most effective ways to replace teeth that are loose or missing. Medical-grade titanium implants are gently placed in the jawbone, securing a realistic-looking crown or bridge into place.


We have our own CEREC milling machine, allowing us to prepare and fit crowns in a matter of hours. Crowns will usually take two weeks to come back if sent to a laboratory – your crowns can be fitted the same day.


You can replace as many or as few teeth as you need with our same-day teeth service. Have one or two implants, a couple of crowns, or replace all your teeth in one appointment. You can decide what is best for you in consultation with your dentist.


Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care to discuss your same-day new teeth options. We can help you improve your smile and feel confident in your appearance, with cosmetic dentistry to suit everyone. Book in for a consultation and let’s see how we can be of assistance.

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Same-day crowns

We make our crowns on site, so you will only need one appointment. These are the steps required when fitting same-day crowns:


  • The tooth may be adjusted and contoured
  • We place a temporary crown and take a digital scan
  • We use CAD-CAM technology to create beautiful, perfectly fitting crowns
  • The crown is fitted and checked over
  • You can check your crown to make sure you’re happy

Same-day teeth (Full Arch)

CT scan, planning, digital scans

Extracting teeth, placing implants, fixing temporary full arch bridge (which will look great)

3-6 months later we replace the temporary bridge with a permanent one.

Same day teeth in Croydon

Who is our Same-Day Teeth (Full Arch) Service ideal for?

Our same-day teeth service is very simple – we’ll replace as many of your teeth as you need within a single day. This makes it ideal for anyone who has a full arch of teeth that are in poor condition. The traditional method would involve removing your existing teeth and providing you with a denture instead. However, this is often not the best solution because people tend to find it difficult to adjust when they to go from a full set of fixed teeth to a loose denture.
As technology has advanced in recent years, we are now able to provide you with a much better solution where we can remove your existing teeth and replace them with dental implants. These implants will secure a fixed full arch of teeth in place, allowing you to eat straight away. As our clinic contains specialists in periodontics and prosthodontics, we have the exact skillset needed to provide you with this modern solution.

Maintaining your beautiful smile

We generally recommended yearly examinations to ensure everything is healthy. We also recommend seeing our hygienist at regular intervals – sometimes up to four times a year. We can tell you more about this at your appointment.

Why should you choose Gentle Dental Care for same-day teeth?

Gentle Dental Care is made up of a team of specialists who have the skills and experience to ensure your treatment goes smoothly and the final outcome is fantastic. Our treatment is also guaranteed so you can have peace of mind that any problems will be fixed.

Gentle Dental Care

CT scanner on site which allows us to place the implants in the correct position, safely away from nerves. It also allows us to predict whether bone grafting will be required, which means all the fees are transparent and upfront.

Gentle Dental Care

Digital dentistry which gives you unrivalled accuracy when it comes to the fit of restorations. This will ultimately provide the best option for longevity.

Sedation -Gentle Dental Care

Sedation is available if you are nervous which will give you the most comfortable experience.

Specialist dentists - Gentle Dental Care

Experienced specialists.

Gentle Dental Care

PRGF, Plasma Rich in Growth Factor, which offers the best healing process possible.

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care if you have any questions about our services.

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