Emergency Dentistry

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Emergency appointments
within 24 hours – guaranteed

We promise to get you out of your dental crisis in a quick and efficient manner. We will aim to see you on the day and will always make sure you get an appointment within 24 hours. During the week there are always dedicated appointments for on-the-day emergencies. Call at 8am to book one of these appointments and our reception team will be able to advise you.

When might you need emergency dental treatment?

    • This can be caused from infections, decay or fractures. We can relieve pain by starting root canal treatment, removing teeth, placing fillings or giving antibiotics.

    • These can be fixed rapidly by our team.

    • This can be fixed quickly by rebonding teeth back onto dentures.

    • These normally occur in teeth, implants or gums. We have a variety of solutions to get you out of pain.

    • This is a common issue and can be effectively treated in a quick, timely manner.

    • This can be very urgent, especially if it’s a front tooth. Generally, these can be quick to re-cement; however, if the tooth is completely broken we may need to spend some time to ensure we fix your immediate cosmetic concerns.

    • This can be a cosmetic issue and can sometimes be very painful. Normally a bonded white filling is the best solution and one that can be done during an emergency appointment.

Call 020 3925 3846 to speak to our reception team as quickly as possible.

Hear from our Patients

What to expect from your emergency dental appointment

We will listen to your concerns carefully, so if your main issue is a cosmetic one and you absolutely need to get the tooth fixed for a certain time we will endeavour to do our best to keep you happy, even if it is with a temporary solution.

We will carefully examine your mouth to arrive at the correct diagnosis before any treatment takes place. We make sure you are completely happy with our solution.

We present some treatment options to you along with the pros, cons and fees, so you can make an informed decision. We don’t rush you into any dental treatments.

Choosing Gentle Dental Care for your dental emergency

We guarantee to offer you an appointment within 24 hours of your call, and we can see most patients on the same day. Our expert dentists are here to get you out of a crisis. We have specialist teams, which means you can have your whole treatment at one clinic.

If you need ongoing treatment after your dental emergency, or you need a more permanent solution after a temporary fix, we will be here to support you. For example, we may replace a crown with a temporary option so your smile doesn’t suffer, then make up a new crown for you that we can fit at a later date. Your dentist will provide a timeline for your treatment, so you know exactly what to expect.

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care to discuss emergency dentistry further. Please note, the fastest way to get hold of us in an emergency is by telephone.

Call us: 020 3925 3846

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