Avinash Sachdev

3 Different Journeys to Straighter Teeth

Teeth straightening is becoming an increasingly popular treatment with patients – perhaps as a result of both the rising number of celebrities who are opting to have their teeth straightened, and the fact that it has become an affordable, accessible treatment.  There are different methods of highly effective teeth straightening – let’s take a look at the three key treatments offered by the team here at Gentle Dental:


Favoured by celebrities such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Keira Knightly and Laura and Jason Kenny, Invisalign is a highly popular treatment due to the fact that it is extremely discreet.  A series of clear aligners are created and designed so that they are custom made for the individual patient – each set of aligners will be worn for approximately two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner in the plan.   With treatment taking between 9 and 18 months on average, this is a relatively quick method to improving the appearance of your smile.  Once the treatment has finished, it’s important to wear a retainer in order to keep the teeth firmly in place.

Gentle and non-invasive, Invisalign is a popular treatment for many adults across the UK.

Inman Aligner

A much faster teeth straightening treatment than other options, the Inman Aligner is a force to be reckoned with.  With one appliance being worn over the treatment period, results can be achieved in as little as 6 to 16 weeks.  The method is suitable for straightening misaligned or protruding anterior teeth and can be used independently or prior to other cosmetic treatment.

The Inman Aligner works by using a nickel titanium coil to power two aligner bows which in turn gently move the front teeth into the correct position.  As with Invisalign, it is important to continue to wear a retainer once the treatment is complete to ensure the teeth remain in place.  This is a popular option for men or women who have a specific milestone event, such as a wedding, coming up and wish to have their teeth looking the best they can be.

Six Month Smiles

The clue is in the name for this one – whilst the average Six Month Smiles treatment does indeed take around 6 months, it can take between as little as 4 or as many as 9 months to achieve the desired result.  The method works by fitting very discreet, tooth-coloured brackets and wires onto the affected teeth.  Low forces are used to gently encourage the teeth to move into their optimum position, and patients can benefit from having the exact outcome carefully predicted by their orthodontist.

Six Month Smiles is ideal for correcting crooked, gappy or crowded teeth, and with the treatment time being very short compared to traditional orthodontic treatment, this makes its way onto Gentle Dental’s top 3 teeth straightening methods list.

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