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Have cleaner, healthier teeth
with a visit to the hygienist

We have dental hygienists based at Gentle Dental Care who can help you maintain a beautiful smile and keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Good oral hygiene can help you to keep your teeth for life and ensure they stay in excellent condition. If you would like further advice on day-to-day oral hygiene, our hygienists can advise you on this as well, making sure your teeth remain healthy and that you put good habits into place.

How can we help you achieve cleaner, healthier teeth?

We have two main courses of treatment if you would like to improve your overall oral hygiene:

Our hygienists will carry out a scale and polish, removing tartar and maintaining good gum health. This can also have the added benefit of removing stains from your teeth, as well as helping you to have a good general level of oral health. We recommend visiting a hygienist on a regular basis.


If you already have gum disease it may be necessary to provide you with a deeper clean to restore good gum health. Your hygienist might refer you to a specialist dentist who can provide a course of treatment and advise you further, reducing your risk of receding gums and losing teeth in future.


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Booking your hygienist appointment

Whether you have excellent oral health, or you are experiencing symptoms such as bleeding gums, the first thing you need to do is book an appointment with the hygienist. They will be able to give your mouth a thorough clean and refer you on if you do need any further treatment. They will also talk to you about maintaining good oral health at home, advising you on choosing the correct toothbrush, mouthwash, floss or interdental brushes.

Why choose Gentle Dental Care to clean your teeth?

  • We treat patients with gum disease and cosmetic concerns
  • Highly trained dentists who attend many international courses
  • A range of services for great oral health and beautiful teeth
  • Sedation for those particularly nervous patients
  • Gentle dentists and hygienists who look after you
  • Leading technology and expert advice
  • Specialist-led clinic

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With dental practices in Croydon and Bromley and a team of expert clinicians, we have the expertise to ensure that your visit to the dentist is one that you will enjoy.

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