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Non-Invasive, Aesthetic Treatments in Croydon

We can offer you non-invasive treatments to improve your appearance holistically.

Why just settle for a new smile when you can improve the whole
of your appearance and feel better about yourself?

What Is Facial Aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics is rapidly becoming a group of leading cosmetic procedure in the UK thanks to it’s many positive benefits. Facial aesthetics refer to a group of non-surgical procedures that can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin volume. At Gentle Dental Care we mainly use anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox and Dermal Fillers to achieve these results. For more information please click on the sections below.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Free Video Consultation:

  • We will listen to your concerns
  • Make a list of desired goals
  • Discuss medical history to ensure you are a safe candidate for treatment
  • Make a Diagnosis
  • Prescribe Treatment
  • Discuss Advantages, Disadvantages
  • Provide you with a free quote

Treatment will be provided:

  • By a suitable trained health-care professional
  • Our dentists are members of the Royal College of Surgeons and fully insured
  • We promise to provide you with a gentle approach

Review Appointment:

  • Booked 2 weeks later to ensure you are happy with results

Contact Gentle Dental Care to discuss your treatment with our team of professionals.

Why Choose Gentle Dental Care?

Choosing Gentle Dental Care
for dermal fillers in Croydon

As dentists we are always looking at the anatomy of the face to see how your teeth can look their best on you. We therefore have a deep understanding of facial aesthetics. This places us in the best position to treat changes such as wrinkles and loss of volume.

Here at Gentle Dental Care we strive to perfect beauty and that’s why we have become masters in not only teeth but facial aesthetics as well.

We only use the finest quality fillers on the market and our go-to product is Restylane. The product can come in a variety of different thicknesses – some are in liquid form and others are more gel-like. Restylane has been used safely in over 30 million treatments worldwide which gives us the confidence that it is the safest and best product around.

Finer particle sizes are generally used for very fine lines and wrinkles, whereas the thicker formulas are generally used to treat deep folds and for creating volume.