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We understand that choosing the right dentist is an important aspect of achieving your dental goals and you must feel comfortable with the person treating you. We believe that we have the right team for you, with our mix of dentists who have a wide variety of specialist skill sets.

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Dental Consultation in Croydon

Reasons to choose us

  • Gentle, pain-free, comfortable dentistry is our goal and that’s what you should expect. We train all our team to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.
  • We strive for excellent quality in our work which means your treatment is predictable and results are long lasting. Our dentists routinely attend postgraduate courses to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest skills and techniques.
  • Our team is a centre for experts and specialists who can provide advanced treatments to patients with complex needs, who might need gum care, fixed and removable teeth, cosmetics, root canal treatments (endodontics) and dental implant care. We accept many referrals from dentists across South London and are well respected within the dental community.
  • Our friendly team makes each appointment a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our whole ethos is about dentistry being comfortable and free from stress – many of our patients get to know their dental professionals and even enjoy paying us a visit!
  • We have a number of practices across Croydon and Bromley that are conveniently located for all patients. Find your nearest practice.
  • Top rated and top reviewed – we have the most five-star reviews in the Croydon area so rest assured that we will provide top-quality dental care to suit your needs.

Nervous patients

Our ethos at Gentle Dental Care is all about treating patients in a gentle, kind and caring way, which is great for nervous patients. We will always take the time to make sure you are comfortable and to ensure your journey with us is a positive experience.

We offer free consultations because we believe dentistry is an extremely personal thing and you need to be comfortable with the person treating you. We are confident that once you meet us you will feel comfortable and at ease, and that’s why a free consultation is great for nervous patients. You will have ample time to ask as many questions as you like, as well as express any concerns you may have about treatment. We will listen carefully and devise a treatment plan that will be tailored to your needs.

You will have the option of sedation, something our nervous patients often prefer. If you opt for sedation, you are partly put to sleep so you don’t worry about your treatment.

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care if you have any questions about our services. Call 020 3925 3846