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Do you dream of a whiter, cleaner smile? A simple, quick and cost-effective treatment can give you the results you have been longing for. Throw away those whitening toothpastes that don’t work. It’s time to get your teeth whitened by the professionals.

How can we whiten your teeth?

We will check to ensure your mouth is healthy and to confirm teeth whitening is the best treatment for you. We will discuss the options and any pros and cons of each.

Teeth whitening is very simple. You need professional dental bleach to touch the surface of the tooth and time for it to work.

  • A digital scan is taken, and custom bleaching trays are made. These trays are very important as the seal has to be very good. If there are spaces where saliva can get underneath and into the tray it will neutralize the bleach which means the teeth whitening won’t work. It can be difficult getting good impressions using conventional techniques and there are many problems associated with them. With new digital scanning the accuracy is excellent which means you get the very best bleaching trays with the best seal. We can take you from an A4 to a B1 shade and will discuss the options with you in depth.
  • Photos are taken to assess the starting colour of your teeth.
  • The bleaching trays are fitted and checked to ensure they are a perfect fit.
  • You will be whitening your teeth at home and we will give clear instructions on how to load up the bleach in the trays.
  • Every day your teeth will gradually get whiter and whiter.
  • Once you are happy you can stop. As the process is gradual, you are in control of how white you want your teeth to be. Typically, it will take two weeks to whiten your teeth.

Our dental team can carry out a consultation and advise you further on teeth whitening. Please get in touch to book your appointment with Gentle Dental Care. Call 020 3925 3846 or fill in our form and we will get back to you shortly.

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We offer teeth whitening services for a gentle lift in colour or a more dramatic result.


Is teeth whitening right for you?

You may choose to have your teeth whitened if you:

  • Are conscious about the colour of your teeth
  • Are a smoker or ex-smoker
  • Want a younger smile
  • Have dark/yellow teeth or stained teeth
  • Drink a lot of tea/coffee/red wine

The whole teeth whitening process is extremely safe and does not damage your teeth at all. There are just a couple of things you should bear in mind:

  1. Sensitivity is the biggest side effect. Your teeth may be sensitive during the teeth whitening process and it goes away as soon as you stop. We will give you tools to minimise this as much as possible.
  2. The bleach will whiten your teeth nicely, but it won’t whiten your crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings. Therefore, it may be necessary to change them after the teeth whitening process is complete.

We will discuss this with you at your appointment, so there is nothing to worry about.

Is there anything else you can do for cleaner teeth?

You may need a hygiene appointment if you have surface stains on your teeth. This can be a very quick way in which we can improve the colour of your teeth. In addition, if there are calculus deposits, this can neutralise the bleach very quickly which means your teeth will not whiten, so it’s important we remove them first.

Some people may also be interested in straightening their teeth. Teeth whitening is included in our teeth straightening services.

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care to discuss teeth whitening further. We can help you improve your smile and feel confident in your appearance, with cosmetic dentistry to suit everyone. Book in for a consultation and let’s see how we can be of assistance.

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