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Latest technology

Gentle Dental Care TreatmentAt Gentle Dental care, we strongly feel that our patients deserve the best and that’s why we continuously reinvest our profits back into the business to ensure we have the best equipment. In fact, we probably have the best set of equipment compared to any other dentist in Croydon and Bromley.

Some of our latest equipment is listed below:

iTero Scanners

These scanners are an incredible piece of kit. They basically take an accurate impression of your mouth by scanning as opposed to having to all that yucky impression material. Patients love it. The advantages are shown below:

  • They have fantastic accuracy
    Compared to traditional impressions they are more accurate, which means better fitting crowns, bridges, onlays, implants etc etc. This means your work will last longer.
  • It’s impossible to take a bad scan
    The problem with traditional impressions is that you sometimes think the impression is perfect and then when you get the work back from the laboratory, there are issues with it. When you take a scan, if it doesn’t capture the area, the computer will tell you there is an issue. It’s binary, it’s either captured or not.
  • Quicker crowns / Same Day Crowns
    When taking scan you can send it directly to the dental laboratory via an email and they can start working on it straight away.. With the traditional way, you needed to post it or arrange a pick up, which adds a day or two. Then you need to wait for someone to pour a model up and start work. This all takes time and when you want things doing quickly – digital is the way forward.With same day crowns, we take a scan with our Cerec Scanner and make the crown in house via a milling machine. This means you are in and out in less than two hours, with a decent coffee break in between. This means no second appointment and no temporaries!
  • No more yucky impressions
    Patients tend to hate impressions. They don’t taste nice, they make you gag and they seem to take ages to set. With digital scans, it’s super quick and you don’t need to take an impression so it’s so much more comfortable.
  • Better Planning
    When placing implants, or planning complex work we can plan the end result before we begin the treatment. We can match the CT scan with the Intra Oral Scan which allows us to plan the tooth position, nerve positions and implant positions. When things are planned well, execution is easy!
  • Visualise the end result
    When we straighten teeth, it’s always great to know what they will look like before we started treatment. With our special scanner we can get simulations of what your teeth will be like when straightened within minutes. See video below.
  • More environmentally friendly
    The traditional impressions are so stable that they don’t biodegrade which means they end up in a landfill site for many many centuries.

CT Scanners

When placing dental implants you really need to know the best place to put it. There are important anatomical structures like nerves involved so its impressive the surgery has been planned well. Due to the collosal costs of buying a CT Scanner, only surgeries who place a lot of implants will be able to justify the cost. At Gentle Dental Care we have one of the latest CT Scanner’s which means you don’t need to go to central London every time a scan is needed. The scans allow us to make your treatment safe and predictable.

Platelet-Rich Growth Factor (PRGF)

The use of PRGF is an absolute game-changer. If you had the choice of healing faster and better with less pain, swelling and bruising – wouldn’t you take it?

PRGF is a revolutionary procedure that will speed up your healing and reduce post-operative pain, swelling and bruising significantly. We take some blood from your arm and spin it in a machine. This will separate the different layers of blood. There is a particular layer called the plasma that contains all the good stuff we need to heal. It has things like growth factors in it. In fact, when we have an injury, the affected area will send out signals to the rest of the body to help promote these molecules. It’s basically sending out a message, “Hey, we need help here, please come quickly”. This can take days. With PRGF, the good stuff is placed into the surgical site straight away in large doses so healing begins straight away before any inflammation has taken place. Rafeal Nadal, used it on his knee to improve his healing in the past.

When we first started uses the procedure we were a bit skeptical on how good the evidence was so we decided to test it ensure the results were worth it. During big cases, we would use it on one side of the mouth and not the other (without telling the patients) and ask how they were after the procedure. In most cases, the patients were able to identify the side where it wasn’t used and that’s when we started using it for every case.


We have a variety of lasers we use routinely. This allows us to perform very fine surgery in a very minimally invasive way so the results we achieve are much better and the patients have little or no postoperative discomfort.


This is particularly useful when doing root canal treatment. Root canal treatment can be a very difficult procedure, mainly because the canals are so small, you can’t see what you are doing. The better you can see, the better results you achieve and that’s why we have invested in a state of the art wall mounted microscope so that we can achieve the best result for endodontics.

Dark Field Microscopy

This is a great tool for finding out the type of bacteria you have in your mouth. Before we start treatment, we take a sample of plaque from your mouth and put it under a special microscope. You can then view this on a large screen and it shows up the type of bacteria you have in your mouth. It’s rather scary when you see the bugs moving around and this is a great motivator! Once we have finished treatment we can do the procedure again and test and it astonishing to see what the differences are.

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