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Are you experiencing issues such as sore or bleeding gums? Do you notice your teeth moving or becoming looser? Are your gums starting to recede? Teeth are more often lost due to gum disease than decay, so it’s essential to keep your gums healthy and treat any issues that you might be experiencing. Catch gum disease before it becomes too advanced to avoid tooth loss – and if you are already suffering, don’t suffer in silence. Turn to the experts and allow us to help.

How can we treat your gums and make them healthier?

We have expert hygienists on hand to help you maintain or improve the health of your gums and mouth.

Your hygienist will:

  • Complete an assessment, looking for gum inflammation, bleeding, soft plaque and calculus.
  • Complete a scale and polish to remove any of these soft and hard deposits.


If your gum disease is more advanced and you are noticing issues such as bleeding gums, loose teeth or abscesses, your hygienist can offer specialist treatment or refer you on to a dentist. They may carry out treatments such as:

  • Root planing. Bacteria are cleaned from underneath the gums, getting deep into the tissue.
  • Periodontal surgery. You may require surgery or a tooth extraction if there is an infection.


Your dentist might prescribe a course of antibiotics if you need periodontal treatment.

Hear From Our Patients

Booking your initial appointment

We will help you to achieve and maintain excellent oral health. The first step is to book an appointment with our dental hygienist team. They can assess your gums and see what course of treatment you need, either completing a clean themselves or referring you on to a specialist dentist who can treat the problem. They can continue to advise you after your treatment, so you can maintain good oral health and keep your gums and teeth healthy.

Why choose Gentle Dental Care to treat your gums?

  • We treat patients in the early stages of gum disease or with advanced periodontal issues
  • Highly trained dentists – we have specialists available to help with any issues
  • A range of services so you can maintain your oral health
  • Sedation for nervous patients or those with a phobia of going to the dentist
  • Gentle dentists and hygienists who are reassuring and patient
  • Leading technology and the best advice

Gum Treatment By Our Gentle Dental Specialist

Our award-winning specialist, Dr Mish, will restore your gums back to perfect health

Team member - Mish

Dr. Mish

GDC no. 114518

BDS HONS (Lond), MJDF RCS (Eng) MClin Dent Perio, MRD RCS (Eng) M (Rest Dent) RCPS (Glasg) Specialist periodontist and implant dentistry

Key Achievements

  • Qualified from Guy’s Hospital with honours
  • Trained specialist from the Eastman Institute, with a focus on periodontology and implant dentistry
  • Achieved ‘Membership in Restorative Dentistry (MRD)’ from the Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • Awarded a distinction for his Masters in Clinical Dentistry and a Certificate in Periodontology by the European Federation of Periodontology
  • Published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Recognised as the Best Young Dentist 2013 – London, at the National Dentistry Awards
  • Holds teaching positions at the Eastman Dental Institute, UCL and at the Royal London, Whitechapel
  • Lectured nationally and internationally

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