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How we can help former Finest Dental patients


Since Finest Dental went out of business in 2020, the team here at Gentle Dental Care have helped many of the thousands of patients that were left with unfinished Invisalign (teeth straightening) and Implant treatment, to successfully achieve their final result. For many of these patients, Finest Dental’s closure caused much distress, especially for those patients that had paid for their treatment in full before completing it. We have been so pleased that we have been able to help so many patients that were left in this unfortunate situation.

If you are a former patient of Finest Dental and are unsure what to do going forward, do get in touch with the Gentle Care team by completing the form below and we will ensure we provide you with affordable options in order to complete your treatment. As we have an excellent relationship with Invisalign, there is a possibility we could apply special discounts to get your case finished in an affordable way.

The many different types of dental implants available on the market means it is very important to find a dentist who is familiar with the exact type of implant used by Finest Dental during your treatment, as failure to do so may affect the outcome.  Our clinicians are experienced in the specific type of implant used by Finest Dental, making us the natural choice for continuing your care, but don’t just take our word for it.

Former Finest Dental patient, Jessica, has recently completed her Invisalign treatment with us.  Jessica had only been with Finest Dental for six months when they announced their bankruptcy.  She was left halfway through the process, having paid in full for her complete Invisalign treatment.  She adds:

“I reached out to a few dentists but, felt that some of the prices were unfair considering I’d already gone through over half of the process and treatments already.  When I got the quote back form Gentle Dental I felt it was a lot fairer. They were able to use my Invisalign ID and I was able to get some of the information that Finest Dental had written up about my teeth so that was great.

The treatment that I had with Gentle Dental was Invisalign and it was something that was quite important to me because I felt like I really wanted to improve my smile, it was something I was a little bit conscious of. I had a slight overbite so when I smiled my upper and lower lips were slightly off and on the lower bottom teeth, I had a slightly crooked smile.  Some of the teeth had moved backwards and some had moved slightly sideways. So, it was really important for me to try and improve my smile and I felt like it was a fair price for something that was so permanent and life changing.

My experience of working with Gentle Dental Care versus Finest Dental was firstly, the customer service. I felt like the team at Gentle Dental were a lot more friendly, it feels more like a family dentist rather than Finest Dental that felt more robotic. For example, if you were five minutes late you missed your slot, and it would be really hard to get another appointment.  Also, I really appreciate that Gentle Dental were more local to me whereas most of the Finest Dental offices are based in Central London, so it was quite a commute for me to get to the dentist, which was quite frustrating.  A Gentle Dental they also care about your end results and it’s the goal for them to improve your smile opposed to it just being something that they are paid to do.”

Jessica – former Finest Dental patient

Gentle Dental Care, a stable family run business, is Croydon’s biggest provider of dentistry and has been established for well over 20 years.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our dentists are able to help you to achieve the fantastic results you dream of.

Whether you were at the beginning of your treatment with Finest Dental or towards the end, we are here to help and hope to provide you with a solution to get you out of your predicament.  Likewise, if you are simply looking for a new dentist, we are here for you too.

Call us now to discuss your options or you can get your Invisalign transfer to us started directly using this form.

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