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Get a whiter,
more dazzling smile

We can help you put the pizazz back into your smile. Choose teeth whitening treatments to give you that Hollywood smile, or select a more subtle whitening. We can also offer expert hygienist services to clean stains from your teeth – perfect if you regularly consume food and drink such as coffee, red wine and curry. You can get excellent results very quickly, and our expert team of hygienists and dentists is here to help you achieve your perfect smile.

How do we help you whiten your teeth?

There are three key services you can choose from if you would like to whiten your teeth:

If your teeth are darkened, yellow or stained, a hygienist can offer treatments to lift these stains and make your teeth look whiter. Do be aware that this won’t change the colour of your teeth – it will simply remove the staining. If you want a lighter shade, teeth whitening will be the treatment for you.


Teeth whitening is a quick, safe way to whiten your teeth. We make custom bleach trays to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home, lifting the colour over a course of around two weeks. Choose a subtle whitening effect or go for that dazzling Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted.


Veneers are pieces of porcelain that are placed over the front of the teeth, improving their appearance and treating a range of cosmetic concerns. They can also help you improve alignment, so they’re a good idea if you would like to address other areas of your appearance as well.


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Booking your initial appointment

Book a consultation to begin deciding on the best course of treatment to improve your cosmetic concerns. Our expert team of dentists is here to help you decide on the right treatment, so you can achieve the best results possible. You can also book an appointment with our hygienist team if you would like to opt for stain removal first. This also has the added benefit of improving your oral hygiene.

Why choose Gentle Dental Care to whiten your teeth?

  • Thousands of cosmetic cases treated very successfully
  • Highly trained dentists and hygienists
  • Digital dentistry – perfect for more comfortable veneer application
  • Sedation for patients who are worried or concerned
  • Gentle dentists who look after you
  • Leading technology, such as e-max veneers

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care to discuss your teeth whitening options. We can help you improve your smile and feel confident in your appearance, with cosmetic dentistry to suit everyone. Book in for a consultation and let’s see how we can be of assistance. Call us: 020 3925 3846

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