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Restore the beauty
in every smile

Having the perfect smile can go beyond transforming your teeth – it can transform your life as well. We can provide many restoration options, including the application of thin, beautiful, handcrafted veneers to your teeth, giving you the smile you have always dreamed of. This service is perfect for anyone looking to improve the aesthetic of their smile, giving you a smile makeover that can boost your confidence and make you feel happier when you look in the mirror.

Our patients say their lives dramatically improve after having cosmetic dental treatment. Whatever is bothering you about your teeth we can help you resolve it, restoring your teeth and turning back the clock.

Improving and restoring your teeth

There are a number of ways in which we can improve and restore your smile. These can range from simple treatments to more complex ones, depending on what you require. Some of the treatments that can help improve your smile include:

The thinnest, most beautiful handcrafted veneers
Our veneers are ultra-thin, beautifully handcrafted pieces of porcelain that we can bond onto the front smiling surface of your teeth to improve colour, shape, size and alignment. Depending on how many you want or need, this can range from 1-10 per arch.


Hand-sculpted, high-quality white fillings
White fillings are sculpted onto your teeth and blended in. They can be used to change tooth shape, lift the colour, repair chips and improve alignment. Advances in technology make white fillings quick to apply and highly cost effective, and you can expect them to last.


Lifelike porcelain that mimics natural teeth
Crowns are thin pieces of porcelain that cover your whole tooth. They are similar to veneers and can be used to rectify a variety of cosmetic concerns. Sometimes just changing old crowns to new ones can make a big improvement to your smile.


Professional cleaning to the highest standard
A simple stain removal at the hygienist can make your teeth look lighter, cleaner and younger, removing discolouration from things such as coffee and red wine that have built up over time. This treatment will help remove staining and improve the health of your mouth at the same time.


Remove staining and improve your smile
We offer teeth whitening treatments to lift stains and make your teeth whiter. This is a good option if you want a more dramatic whitening effect. We consult with you, complete digital scans and make custom bleaching trays to ensure we achieve your desired result.


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Hear from our patients

Bespoke smile makeovers at Gentle Dental Care

We offer a bespoke, consultative service to patients wanting to transform and restore their smiles. Our dentists work alongside you to make sure you choose the right services for your teeth and your oral health.

The first thing is to come in for a full dental examination. We will carefully listen to your needs and wishes during the appointment so we can make recommendations and decide how best to arrive at your desired look.

If it’s a case of a simple fix, we will tell you then and there what options are available along with any other important information including the fees and appointment times.

If the service you require is more complex, we will take photos and begin planning your treatment. We will then present a treatment plan to you along with a written letter.

Once you are happy, we’re good to go!

Why choose Gentle Dental Care to restore your smile?

  • Thousands of cosmetic treatments successfully completed
  • Highly trained dentists who have attended, and conducted, numerous international courses
  • Digital dentistry which helps to plan for your perfect smile
  • Sedation for those particularly nervous patients
  • Gentle dentists who have your best interests in mind
  • Cutting edge, digital technology

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