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Restore the form, function and beauty
of your teeth with dental crowns

Dental crowns are a natural-looking way to improve the appearance of cracked or chipped teeth. They can provide a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to white fillings, or they can be used to improve the overall look of damaged teeth. They might also be used to protect your teeth, especially after a root canal treatment when a filling might not be sufficient.

Why might you choose dental crowns?

These are some main indications that you might benefit from dental crowns:

You have heavily filled or chipped teeth
If your teeth are heavily filled or chipped, you have the option of either restoring them with a white filling or having a crown. A crown can be a better option as it will look great, is extremely well polished, and is stronger, meaning the longevity is much better. What’s more, the high-end porcelain is resistant to staining, so the teeth will still look fantastic years after the crowns have been fitted – fillings can stain over time. In addition, the crown plays a vital role – it protects the tooth from cracking meaning the tooth is likely to last longer.
You want to improve the appearance of your teeth
Cosmetic crowns can be used to improve tooth alignment (straighten teeth), improve colour, shape, size and many other cosmetic concerns.
Crowns can mimic the natural beauty of teeth very well, which means they look stunning when applied by a professional. The type of crowns we use are generally metal-free, fully ceramic crowns, which closely resemble a natural tooth in colour and shape. These materials can have similar properties to natural teeth in weight and texture, making them blend in and look highly realistic.
Your teeth need some additional protection
If your teeth have been heavily filled it can often leave thin bits of tooth around the edges. These thin areas are likely to fracture at some stage if left alone. If it’s a large fracture it could result in you requiring a tooth extraction. To help prevent this from happening crowns can be placed to protect the weak parts of the tooth. This will increase longevity and allow you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible.
You need a filling after root canal treatment

If a tooth needs to be filled after you’ve had root canal treatment, a regular filling sometimes won’t be sufficient because it can leak, causing bacteria to enter back into the tooth. To prevent this from happening, crowns can be placed to seal the tooth. Having root canal treatment also weakens the tooth as a cavity is drilled into the middle part of the tooth to gain access to clean the canals. Restoring the tooth afterwards with a dental crown will increase the longevity of the tooth and protect it from further cracking.

If you are considering dental crowns our dentists can offer advice and talk over your various options. Please book in for a consultation and begin your journey towards a confident smile.

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How are crowns placed?

The first step is for us to carry out an examination to see if a crown is the correct treatment for you. Once we have reached a diagnosis we will explain what the problem is and provide you with various options. If you are happy to proceed we can then book you in to prepare the tooth for a crown.

The tooth may need to be numbed up and contoured. We will then place a temporary crown and take a digital scan. From the scan we can use CAD-CAM technology to create an extremely well-fitting crown that’s beautifully crafted to match your needs. The crown is then checked in your mouth to ensure it fits well, works with your natural bite and looks great as well. We will show you before it’s fitted to make sure you’re happy. If there are any changes, we will send it back to the laboratory.

Same-day crowns

We can also make same-day crowns! This is where we prepare the tooth, take a scan, make the crown and fit it all in the space of a couple of hours. Most dentists use the traditional technique of sending it to a laboratory, which will normally take two weeks. Learn more about our same-day crowns service.

Why choose Gentle Dental Care for crowns?

  • Increased accuracy. We are highly experienced, and our dentists are cosmetic experts.
  • Predictability. We use scanning technology rather than impressions, so we can better prepare your teeth.
  • The best technology. Scans are far more comfortable compared to impressions.
  • Quick turnaround. Crowns come back from the lab quickly, and there’s the option of same-day crowns too.
  • Beautiful ceramic. We use the most beautiful ceramic crowns that are matched to your natural teeth.

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Considering other options?

Crowns are perfect for many patients, but you might want to consider other options too. If the changes you want to make to your teeth are entirely cosmetic and relatively minor, you might want to consider veneers . If you’re looking for a refreshed appearance, have you thought about teeth whitening? To replace missing teeth you will need to think about an option such as dentures , bridges or dental implants.

Contact the team at Gentle Dental Care to discuss crowns further. We can help you improve your smile and feel confident in your appearance, with cosmetic dentistry to suit everyone. Book in for a consultation and let’s see how we can be of assistance.

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