Avinash Sachdev

How To Change Dentists

In this blog we will be outlining all you need to know about how to change dentists, including the reasons why you may want to change, the differences between changing to NHS or private, and key points to consider.

Why would I need to change Dentists?

There are several reasons that you may want to change your dentist. This includes:

  • Moving to a different address and wanting a dental practice that is closer to your new home.
  • Your current dentists opening hours are not in line with your availability.
  • You are unhappy with the previous treatment you have had at your current dentist.
  • You prefer a dental practice that has a great number of services like implants and tooth straightening.
  • Your dentist has retired.

Changing to an NHS or private Dentist

The general process for changing dentists is fairly similar for both NHS dentists and private dentists. The key difference is that registering new NHS patients is typically harder to do then registering new private patients. This is because NHS dental practices have a limited set of funds that is set by the government. Most NHS practices are already close to full capacity and therefore are unable to accept new NHS patients. Subsequently, if you want to be registered as an NHS patient it may take longer and you may be put on a waiting list. The time you spend on the waiting list can vary based on the demand at the time, and subsequently you may want to seek private dental care or look for another NHS provider if the registration process is particularly lengthy.

Once accepted by the new practice you will have to visit the practice and fill out a registration form. Some practices may have digital forms which you can fill out remotely.

If you are unhappy with your dentist, check out our tips on how to find a good dentist that is perfect for your needs.  Once you have found one you are happy with, it is best to inform your new dentists about the issues you had about your old one to ensure the same problems are not repeated.

Always make your dentist aware that you are leaving their practice and on to pastures new. Just give them a call and let them know you will not be back and politely let them know the reasons why if you are comfortable doing so. If the practice is not aware of the areas they can improve upon, then they can’t change their ways. Plus, letting them know you are not returning means they can offer your place to a new patient who would like to join the practice.