Avinash Sachdev

Switching dentists in the middle of Invisalign

Dental practices have been closed for a number of months now, resulting in huge unprecedented financial strain. It’s no wonder many practices are going out of business and this unfortunately, is putting patients’ treatment at risk. A large dental chain called Finest Dental, recently went out of business meaning hundreds of patients who had on-going treatment have been left in the lurch. Many of these patients had also paid in advance for a treatment outcome they were unlikely to now achieve.

So what should you do if your dentist goes out of business in the midway through treatment?

A lot of patients at Finest Dental were halfway through treatments, such as Invisalign or dental implants, and had already paid towards a finished outcome. The first thing you should do is contact the administrator who will work out of if you can claim some of the money back.

The next thing you need to do is find another dentist who is happy to take on your case. A lot of dentists will want to avoid picking up patient care midway through a treatment plan especially when it has been planned by someone else, as the original planning or execution may not align with their viewpoint. It’s also important to find a dentist who is experienced and skilled enough to work out potential pitfalls of past treatment and formulate a plan taking into account what has happened so far, so that you finish with the result you are hoping for.

Gentle Dental Care   

At Gentle Dental Care, we have been placing implants for over 30 years and have treated many hundreds of cases of Invisalign which means we have the experience to make sure you will be looked after. We have a strong relationship with Invisalign so transferring your unfinished case across is a simple task and we may be able to apply special discounts. If your dental practice, has gone out of business and you’re looking for a solution, get in touch with us by completing the form below. It would be our pleasure to step in and ensure you are taken care of. Our family run business has been established for over 35 years and we are one of Croydon’s largest providers of dentistry.