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For top quality dental treatments in Thornton Heath, come to Gentle Dental Care. With a relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed and cared for, our varying dental services won’t disappoint you – you’ll want to come back to our dental practice again and again! With root canal treatments to veneers and crowns, we can provide you with anything you need, you’ll never need to worry about your dental health again.

We place emphasis on taking care of our patients in a gentle manner, especially for those that may have phobias coming to the dentist. We’re proud of our positive reputation in the community, and our work along with the latest technology allows us to achieve brilliant results for our patients in Thornton Heath. We have experts specialising in cosmetic procedures as well as general dentistry, such as fillings and dentures. If you have any need for our services, or questions about dental hygiene that we can answer, contact Gentle Dental Care at your earliest convenience.

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For a dentist in Thornton Heath that delivers, come to Gentle Dental Care. With specialists at the top of their field and the latest technology on hand, we can provide you with dentistry that can’t be faulted. For same-day service, emergency care or children’s dental services, don’t hesitate to contact us. To avoid your oral health deteriorating, don’t miss out on our teeth cleaning, cavity repair and other services.

If you’re concerned about coming to the dentist, or you have a phobia, we can work sensitively with you to make your experience more comfortable. Our main emphasis is gentle customer care, meaning we know how to make you feel at ease. With sedation for those who feel uncomfortable with procedures and other services to make you feel calm, our experience with people with phobias means that you couldn’t find a better dentist. Our friendly team is available whenever you need us – just pick up the phone.

Dental services in Thornton Heath

General Dentistry

General dentistry and check ups

We offer a wide variety of services to patients in Thornton Heath, so whatever you need, we can provide you with it. Cosmetic, emergency treatments or dentistry services for your children, just come to us. We’ve been providing our dental services to the community for over 10 years.

Childrens dentistry - Gentle Dental Care

Children’s dentistry

Maintaining the health of your teeth from a young age is imperative in making sure your teeth are strong later in life. At Gentle Dental Care, our children’s dentistry services can ensure your child’s oral health is as good as can be, and we can teach them to properly care for their teeth.


Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is the number one way to ensure that bacteria and traces of infection are removed from your teeth. Without this, infection and bacteria are the main causes of toothache. Don’t suffer in pain when there’s a solution you can benefit from – call us today.

White fillings - Gental Dental Care

White fillings

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your teeth and decrease tooth decay, look no further. Our white fillings will help you revamp your smile, making sure your teeth are healthy. All of these benefits come in a white filling that is undetectable within your smile – an invisible solution!

Emergency services - Gentle Dental Care

Emergency dentistry

The last thing you want to happen is a mishap with your teeth – the panic is palpable if you chip a tooth. Make sure your smile isn’t comprised by coming to us for emergency services, we have varying solutions that can help you. Whether it’s toothache or a knocked-out tooth, come to us.

Bridges - Gental Dental Care


To boost your confidence, we have a simple way of creating the illusion of a full, bright smile. If you have a missing tooth, a false tooth is bonded to the ones next to it, creating the appearance of a complete set. Don’t suffer from missing teeth ruining your smile!

Crowns - Gentle Dental Care


To improve the appearance of a cracked or chipped tooth, a crown can be a brilliant way of hiding it. It’s a non-invasive way of making sure your smile isn’t impacted by a chip, giving you the confidence you need to flash that smile all around Thornton Heath.

Dental Hygiene - Gentle Dental Care

Dental hygiene

Oral hygiene is the number one factor in preserving your smile – healthy teeth will last you a lifetime! Our experts have all of the information you need to maintain your oral health. While you’re having your check-up or your cleaning service, ask your dentist for some tips.

Treat my gums - Gentle Dental Care

Gum treatment

If gum disease becomes increasingly advanced without treatment, it gets harder and harder to get under control. Here at Gentle Dental Care, our dentists do everything they can to prevent you from suffering from gum disease, and we can refer you to a periodontist if it’s what you need.

Dental implants - Gentle Dental Care

Dental implants

If you’ve been looking for a permanent solution to your missing tooth, you’ve come to the right place. We use a titanium implant of medical grade that will add structure to your smile and fill in that missing piece. Fill in the gap and make sure you feel like yourself again.

Dentures - Gentle Dental Care


Significant tooth loss could mean that you’re self-conscious about your smile – with many people trying to avoid smiling altogether. Dentures are a brilliant way to create a brand-new smile for you. Not only are they convenient, but they’re completely removable too.

Orthodontics - Gentle Dental Care


There’s no reason for you to have a crooked smile anymore! With advanced technology, we can discreetly and easily correct the alignment of your teeth. Our Invisalign braces are almost invisible, so you can smile at friends in Thornton Heath without feeling self-conscious about it.

Teeth Whitening - Gentle Dental Care

Teeth whitening

With a smile you’re proud of, your confidence could increase more than you know. Why not make this happen with our teeth whitening service? With brighter teeth, you can be devoid of staining from that daily coffee and be secure in your appearance.

Veneers - Gentle Dental Care


To cover your front teeth and mask any imperfections you may have in your oral appearance, veneers may be a good choice for you. Made of a porcelain material, veneers are relatively quick to achieve in our dental chair, meaning your smile can be transformed in no time!

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