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An individual in need of emergency dental care in the Coulsdon area can turn to Gentle Dental Care. Whether you need a dental check-up or emergency treatment, our dentists are here to help. We can unquestionably handle any dental issue you have, no matter what it may be. Gentle Dental Care features several dental practices in Bromley and Croydon that provide superior dental treatment. Our practise strives to provide you with the best dental care possible in a caring and friendly environment. By using the latest technology, our highly qualified professionals can treat dental phobias with tenderness and professionalism. We offer cosmetic dentistry services such as dental implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and discrete Invisalign. Providing gentle dentistry has earned Gentle Dental Care a reputation for delivering gentle, stress-free dental care. Patient care is our priority, and we look forward to growing with our patients.

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Dental care is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your health, and choosing a dentist will undoubtedly impact your dental health. Because of our dental team’s wide range of specialities and extensive experience, we can serve you. The dental care we provide to our patients is gentle and comfortable. Our entire team is committed to providing the best level of service possible. We strive to provide excellent quality in our practice, so our patients can predict the results of their treatment long-term. We train our dental professionals by ensuring that they are knowledgeable about the latest skills and techniques. In addition to providing your comfort and enjoyment, we also ensure your safety. The entire philosophy of our office revolves around creating a relaxed, stress-free environment for our patients – many of them enjoy their time here!

If you need to locate one of our practices for dental treatment in the Coulsdon area, we have all the information you need. Our nearest practice is situated on 143 Haling Park Road and can be reached in under 25 minutes by bus. You will need to take the 405 bus from Bramley Hill. Alternatively, if you choose to drive for your appointment or take a taxi, you can reach Haling Park Road from Coulsdon in just 15 minutes. It is also possible to cycle to the practice along the cycling route on Brighton Road. If you have any issues finding our approach, give our friendly receptionist team a call, and they’ll be happy to help you locate us!

Dental services in Coulsdon

General Dentistry

General dentistry and check ups

We offer general dental check-ups to our patients. We can advise whether your teeth are in optimal condition or if they require treatment or cleaning.

Childrens dentistry - Gentle Dental Care

Children’s dentistry

We welcome any children into our practice and carry out gentle dental care for all of our younger patients. We pride ourselves on removing the fear and stigma attached to visiting dentists.


Root canal treatment

Whenever necessary, dental procedures like root canals are performed with care to reduce the risk of recurrence. Our patients are treated appropriately and charged a reasonable price for their services.

White fillings - Gental Dental Care

White fillings

White ones will make your teeth look more subtle if colour concerns you when it comes to fillers. With white fillings, you will no longer have to worry about aesthetic changes to your teeth.

Emergency services - Gentle Dental Care

Emergency dentistry

For those who need immediate treatment, we offer emergency dental services. Whether you are having tooth pain suddenly or a filling has fallen out, trust us to help you at any time.

Bridges - Gental Dental Care


Bridges can be provided to any Coulsdon patient who needs them. A denture fills in the gap left by teeth once being present, improving the appearance and self-esteem of the wearer.

Crowns - Gentle Dental Care


If a tooth is damaged, decayed, or has large fillings, a crown may be fitted to repair it. We can assist you if you need crowns for those that reside in Coulsdon.

Dental Hygiene - Gentle Dental Care

Dental hygiene

Regular brushing of teeth is necessary for maintaining a healthy smile. Dental hygiene is one of the services we provide to our patients.

Treat my gums - Gentle Dental Care

Gum treatment

Whether you have bleeding gums or receding gums, we will be able to identify the problem and give you the best treatment option available!

Dental implants - Gentle Dental Care

Dental implants

In the absence of dental implants, missing teeth decrease one’s self-confidence. Your confidence can be restored with dental implants. With high-quality dental implants, we can replace teeth gently and professionally.

Dentures - Gentle Dental Care


We can create dentures if you have missing teeth and do not wish to get implants. No matter what size or shape your natural teeth are, we can make dentures that look and feel great.

Orthodontics - Gentle Dental Care


In orthodontics, straightening your teeth and correcting dental crowding is possible. The front and back of your teeth should line up with each other, and we can assist you with this.

Teeth Whitening - Gentle Dental Care

Teeth whitening

Getting your teeth whitened can help cover up stains and boost self-confidence with a brighter, whiter smile. Neither our whitening procedures nor their use will cause sensitivity in your teeth.

Veneers - Gentle Dental Care


Veneers are a great option in the case of front teeth that have already been extracted. With veneers, you can achieve a very natural-looking smile and improve your self-confidence.

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