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Have you been looking for expert dental care? We’re an experienced team of private dentists in Croydon with the skills to help local residents with all their dental needs. Whether you live on Upper Shirley Road or Windham Avenue, we’re a convenient and reliable dental practice with the expertise to completely transform your smile. The team of receptionists, dental hygienists, orthodontists, and cosmetic dentists that we’ve assembled within our Croydon clinic are on hand to ensure you receive the best possible customer experience. Plus, with our top-of-the-range equipment, you can be completely confident in the results that your private dentist in Croydon will achieve.

The dental solutions provided by our private dentists in Croydon

Gentle Dental Care offers a complete range of dental solutions, allowing you to receive all the support you need from our close-knit team. We’ll leave you with a smile you just can’t wait to show off!

  • Teeth whitening
    If you’d like to brighten your smile, we have the expertise to make this a reality. We’ll carefully tailor the process to your needs using custom-made bleaching trays, allowing you to control the extent of your teeth whitening and ensure you’re pleased with the results.
  • Teeth straightening
    Locals throughout Croydon can rely on our private dentists for expert teeth straightening. We offer a range of options, from crowns and veneers through to Invisalign, so that you can select the approach that suits you best.
  • Deep cleaning of the teeth
    A professional clean is a powerful tool for boosting confidence in the appearance of your smile. Your dental hygienist will carry out a thorough cleaning and will advise you on the habits you should pick up in order to maintain the results at home.
  • Deep cleaning of the gums
    Issues with your gums can be irritating and concerning. Our private dentists in Croydon offer a dedicated gum treatment service to ward off gum disease and ensure that you have a healthy smile. Let us clean and polish your smile to protect your gums.

People throughout Croydon can rely on our private dentists to help them with their smiles. No matter which of our dental solutions you choose, you’ll receive a personal service that is carefully tailored to your requirements.

If you’re in need of a private dentist in Croydon, choose Gentle Dental Care for a pain-free transformation. Your journey will start with a free initial consultation to determine your requirements.

To arrange this, call 020 3925 3846 or fill out our contact form. One of our friendly receptionists will be in touch to discuss your smile.

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Our dentistry expertise has made a difference to a wide range of patients, providing the care they needed in a personal and highly effective manner. Discover what they’ve had to say about the experience.


Allow our private dentist in Croydon to restore your smile with our dental treatments

Explore some of the dental treatments that our talented private dentists in Croydon can provide.

  • Bridges
    A dental bridges is the ideal way to conceal any missing teeth, creating an unbroken smile that you can be proud of.
  • Dental implants
    We use medical-grade titanium dental implants to securely replace missing teeth, ensuring a durable and natural-looking result.
  • Veneers
    Veneers allow you to overhaul the appearance of single teeth or even your full smile, concealing any imperfections from view.
  • Emergency dentistry
    We offer a swift response to any emergency issues, preventing you from being inconvenienced unnecessarily. Our team guarantees that you’ll be seen within 24 hours.

There are many other dental treatments that you can take advantage of if you live near our clinic in Croydon. Contact our team to discover more about the difference we can make to the health and appearance of your teeth.

Why choose our private dentist in Croydon

It isn’t just the quality of our treatments that set us apart, we provide a customer experience that can’t be matched elsewhere. Our approach makes our team the best choice when you need a private dentist in Croydon.

  • Comfort
    No matter your treatment or requirements, your comfort is always a priority. As experienced and highly-skilled dentists, our team will ensure your experience is free from pain.
  • 5-star treatments
    We’ve built a reputation for the quality of our dental solutions, and this is reflected in the 5-star ratings we’ve received from patients throughout the Croydon area.
  • Advanced treatments
    Our team cover a range of specialisms, ensuring you can receive the tailored care you deserve. With innovative approaches and expert equipment, we can handle any requirements you may have.
  • Long-lasting results
    Your results will make a lasting difference to your smile, boosting your confidence long after your treatment has finished. We’ll make sure you receive the best possible results.

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