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391 Wickham Road, Croydon

Our private referral practice is home to our specialist dentists. Here they are able to plan and carry out highly complex dental treatment plans. A state of the art microscope allows our root canal and restorative specialists to see tiny details and work to levels of detail previously unimaginable. Our implant team work between here and 132 Wickham Road replacing anything from a single missing tooth to a whole dental arch. Sedation treatment is also available for our more apprehensive patients. 391 Wickham Road also benefits from having a hygienist available for thorough cleaning and polishing of teeth, and treatment of gum disease. Our hygienist team also work in tandem with our specialist Periodontist Dr Mish Sachdev, who treats patients at both 132 and 391 Wickham Road.

Examination (new patient includes full report)£65
Periodontal Implant or Aesthetic Consultation£150
Emergency Fee£45 + Work Required
Scale and polish (hygienist only)£65
Tooth Coloured Filling (White)From £110 – See Dentist Prior to Confirming
RadiographsIntra-oral £14 OPG - £85 CBCT - £175
Tooth Coloured (White) Crown £685 (£54 over 12 months)
Gold crown£645 (£54 over 12 months)
Bridges£635 per unit (£53 over 12 months)
Partial Denture (plastic) Upper or Lower £695 (£58 over 12 months)
Full acrylic (plastic) Upper or Lower £895 (£75 over 12 months)
Chrome Denture (metal) Upper or Lower£1100 (£92 over 12 months)
Whitening - Enlighten£595
Root canal treatment From £450 – See Dentist Prior to Confirming
Porcelain Veneers From £645 (£54 over 12 months)
Invisalign Full Case £4150 (£88 over 60 months)
Invisalign Go Case £3195 - See Dentist Prior to Confirming
Invisalign Single Arch £2350
Placement of Implant From £1800 (£150 over 12 months)
ExtractionsFrom £185 – See Dentist Prior to Confirming
Sedation £365 per Session
Laser Gum Contouring From £250 – See Dentist Prior to Confirming

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