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CEREC is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that allows us to carry out tooth restorations such as crowns in just one visit to the dentist. Previously, to create a crown, we would have had to take an impression of a patient’s teeth before sending this off to a dental lab to have a suitable crown made. However with CEREC we can create crowns here so in most cases crowns can be applied on the same day, removing the need for temporary crowns.

The CEREC procedure

The first step is to freeze the patient’s tooth and take a digital impression. The impression helps us create and mould the crown with the perfect shape, height and colour to suit them. Once this process is complete, the crown can be 3D printed on-site using the CEREC 3D milling machine. Once printed, it can then be stained and glazed to look as natural as possible.

The new crown can then be fitted, allowing the patient to walk away on the same day, happy with the solution.

Why choose CEREC crowns?

There are a number of big advantages of choosing CEREC same day crowns over other types of crown:

  • CEREC provides a much more accurate way of designing and creating crowns - CEREC same day crowns use CAD/CAM technology which is often described as the future of dentistry. It is an extremely accurate way of designing and creating crowns to fit the patient as comfortably and as naturally as possible.
  • CEREC crowns are created as you watch – With other crowns, your dentist takes physical impressions of your teeth to send them off to a dental lab so they can be constructed. This can lead to a number of problems; impressions must be carried out properly and the materials used can be very sensitive to temperatures and time. This means that by the time they get to a lab, they may have warped slightly. With CEREC same day crowns, this is not a problem as impressions are taken digitally and crowns are 3D printed on site, on the same day.
  • CEREC crowns look more natural – When crowns are made at a dental lab, they are provided in a single colour. However, CEREC crowns can be customised to ensure that they look as natural as possible, fitting in well with the surrounding teeth.
  • CEREC is practically pain free – After a CEREC crown is cemented in, patients will usually feel little to no discomfort and can carry on eating as normal. With other types of crowns, it is more likely that the crown and gum may be slightly tender or sensitive for the first few weeks.
  • CEREC crowns are extremely strong – As well as looking natural, CEREC same day crowns are made from very strong materials, so there is no need to worry about eating certain foods or damaging your crown any more than you would with your natural teeth.

    In many cases, if a patient has a CEREC crown they will choose CEREC again if they are in need of another crown. At Gentle Dental Care, we can walk you through every stage of the crown process and you can even watch your own crown being 3D printed.

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